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A bit about this project

Localisation of eLearning courses for a large online career networking platform. This was a complex project that required casting, dubbing and voiceover in 6 languages with 9 voiceover artists per language.

We managed extremely quick turnaround times and schedules, liaising with the client on a daily basis.. Providing a wide casting in all languages to find the best talent for a project that used a lot of technical language.

Clienttranslate plus

Services provided — Voiceover casting, dubbing, voiceover, editing, language direction, project management.  

Studio — Studio B and Studio One

Technician — Catrin Lewis, Joe lewis, Tom Hale, 

Voiceover Artist: Numerous

What Our Client Says

“Thank you to everyone at TVG who worked so hard to deliver this beast of a project, with over 54 hours of voiceover and casting and dubbing for 6 different languages. and especially Kate Hutchinson and Katie Berkes who were extremely understanding and accommodating of our ever-changing priorities. I am grateful for their flexibility, swift actions and hundreds of update e-mails!”

Maria Ivanova
Operations Manager Translate Plus

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