The Voiceover Gallery January Newsletter

Taking Localisation a step further – When it comes to producing or repurposing video content for overseas markets and international territories, we can advise on the best fit for your video localisation needs. Many of you will already work with us on multi-language projects and will be familiar with our core localisation services such as voiceover dubbing and subtitling. A new service that we have launched this year and are very excited about is video editing. This is specifically useful for videos that contain graphics, brand logos, pack shots or on-screen text, that are relevant for a particular country. We are now able to take localisation that step further by translating and editing these elements within the video, so that the content is fully localised for use in another country. 

We have highly experienced editors that specialise in this area of localisation and only use industry recognised software such as Premier, After effects, Final Cut Pro and in some cases Avid.

An example of this type service can be seen in the main image above, where we have localised a ‘lets colour’ campaign video for Delux.

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