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Centre Screen

A bit about this project

We managed the recording process for the entire project, from beginning, middle and end. We received all the scripts translated by the European Parliament and provided casting suggestions to various voices in each language based on the script which were approved by both Centre Screen and the European Parliament.

We coordinated all recordings which took place in both our Manchester and London studios as well as remotely with voices located all across Europe. Each recording had a native speaking voice over director as well as our team present. The project manager at the European Parliament dialed in to each recording remotely.

It was a vast and complex project that ran across several months and required a finely tuned programme to really deliver the best results. We provided a thorough workflow with very little room for error which resulted in a finished result with no rerecordings.

Client – Centre Screen

Services provided — Voiceover casting, Voiceover recording, dubbing, editing, project management.  


What Our Client Says

“The Voiceover Gallery really understands the stress and pressure clients are under. They never trivialise or brush it off but rather acknowledge the urgency. Even though they aren’t working directly with our client, they still take on full responsibility and provide excellent support, transparency and communication throughout every project.”

Hayley Walsh
Company & Projects Director at Centre Screen

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