Making European history understood in 24 languages

Centre Screen is a leading film and multimedia production company, with vast experience in producing award-winning installations for anything from national museums and heritage sites to international corporate organisations and sporting attractions. Their work covers a full range of AV media, including dynamic immersive environments, engaging iPhone apps, 4D experiences and large-scale interactives – all created to inspire, educate and entertain.

Centre Screen has used a variety of our foreign, regional and specialist voices as well as translations services. For the past 17 years we have worked together and grown from small kitchen table production to a partnership making comprehensive immersive installations and interactive, intuitive apps come to life through voice overs.


What was the brief?

Centre Screen was commissioned by the European Parliament to create large-scale experiential video and sound for their new museum, The House of European History. A crucial part of the experience is a tablet guide with predefined language requirements which plays sound in the listener’s native language to exhibition videos and interactives.

This meant that Centre Screen came to us to provide voice over artists in the 24 European languages for about 150 minutes of audio across 30 videos and interactives resulting in 60 hours of edited content. They had a range of different requirements; the voices had to be natural and authentic for a mix of both narrative and character pieces.


What did we do?

We managed the recording process for the entire project, from beginning, middle and end. We received all the scripts translated by the European Parliament and provided casting suggestions to various voices in each language based on the script which were approved by both Centre Screen and the European Parliament.

We coordinated all recordings which took place in both our Manchester and London studios as well as remotely with voices located all across Europe. Each recording had a native speaking voice over director as well as our team present. The project manager at the European Parliament dialed in to each recording remotely.

It was a vast and complex project that ran across several months and required a finely tuned programme to really deliver the best results. We provided a thorough workflow with very little room for error which resulted in a finished result with no rerecordings.


What happened next?

When the House of European History opened, the museum was expected to host 300,000 visitors annually. Each of the 24 European languages were represented and with visiting diplomats from all across the world, there has been no negative feedback for wrong translations or mispronunciations.


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What our client says

The Voiceover Gallery really understands the stress and pressure clients are under. They never trivialise or brush it off but rather acknowledge the urgency. Even though they aren’t working directly with our client, they still take on full responsibility and provide excellent support, transparency and communication throughout every project.

Hayley Walsh
company & projects director at Centre Screen