Finding the perfect voice for Brawl Agency

Brawl is a full-service brand communications agency who since 1987 has been striving to engage, entertain and educate customers with innovative content. 

The team of 17 covers all areas of content creation, brand strategy, advertising and social media. What sets Brawl apart is the fact that they ensure each piece of content has the correct tone of voice which resonates with the right audience. 

Brawl has worked with TVG since 2008. Since then, they have used all of our services; from foreign language work, where we have provided a voiceover artist, to them hiring one of our studios.

What was the brief?

For the past 13 years we have worked closely with Brawl to deliver high-quality audio for their clients’ projects. They have required our support in finding voices for national and international advertising campaigns.

One project that stands out was when Brawl came to us to find the voiceover artist for a multi-million pound supermarket. Their client wanted an engaging male voice for their upcoming TV adverts and they have now been using the same voice actor exclusively for nearly 10 years.

What did we do?

For each project we have worked on with Brawl, we have always provided a variety of voices that match their clients’ briefs. When clients are specific with what kind of voice they want, finding that for a project has had a quick turnaround time. However, sometimes the briefs have limited information which means that we go through a longer process to ensure that we find the perfect voice for their project.

As we have been working with Brawl for 13 years, we have built a great relationship throughout this time. At TVG, we believe that the best voiceover results come from trained voice actors who understand how to produce the right tone, at the correct speed and with precise intonation. That’s why Brawl Agency have always trusted us to find the perfect voiceover artists for their clients.

What happened next?

Since 2008 we have provided a diverse range of voices for Brawls’ projects. With the variety of clients they have, we have supported their campaign activities for both national and international clients. 

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What our client says

One of the best things about working with The Voiceover Gallery is that they are extremely efficient in what they do. If I send an email to them, I can be sure that I’ll get a response back within 10 minutes with a variety of voice options and demos.

Brodie Harkess
Managing Director, Brawl Agency