Celebrating International Women’s Day in 33 languages

Adstream is a global marketing agency whose vision is to build a platform that connects brands, agencies, production companies and media owners around the world, to bring unparalleled visibility, productivity and efficiency to campaign workflow, digital asset management and delivery.

They are a client who has recently joined our roster through long-standing industry relationships and have been utilising translation, subtitling and voice over services.

What was the brief?

Adstream came to us with a project for their industry-leading global tech client. For International Women’s Day, they wanted to create a worldwide advertising campaign and had produced a 2-minute video that needed both translations and subtitling into 33 different languages. Adstream provided one script and a list of languages across Europe and Asia and had a time-sensitive turnaround of 48 hours.

What did we do?

Adstream’s client was based in the US, so we were working across several time zones to deliver translations and subtitles in 33 languages. Drawing on our vast network of native speakers we provided industry experts to ensure that each version was true to the original format while reflecting local language nuances.

Our team of translators used their specialist localisation knowledge when working on the script as well as subtitles – both of which the client wanted to sound natural and organic in each language. They worked hard to provide authentic translations which guaranteed that we could provide Adstream with an accurate final product.

As the script changed and adapted we worked closely with Adstream and their client on various versions and numerous approval processes to ensure the finished product was matching the requirements. With the 48 hour turnaround, our team worked around the clock to deliver our part on time.

What happened next?

In partnership, the TVG and Adstream teams delivered a truly global piece of content and overall the end client was delighted. This video was used across Europe and Asia to highlight the importance of International Women’s Day.

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What our client says

The Voiceover Gallery team really pulled out all the stops to make this happen. It was a super tight turnaround time but they delivered a result that our client was happy with. I was impressed with how The Voiceover Gallery kept us in the loop constantly and ensured we knew what was going on at all stages of the project.

Phil Concannon