Where’s Wally Gets Lancashire Accent In Animated Show

For many generations of children, the Where’s Wally? books have provided hours of entertainment. Trying to spot the iconic character in his red and white striped shirt in all manner of locations has kept many of us busy at various points in time.

Of course, these books have always been completely visual, with not even the merest hint of a story in their pages. But now that’s about to change as Wally becomes the star of his own animated TV show.

Dreamworks, the studio behind a host of well-loved animated movies including Shrek and How To Train Your Dragon, has created ten episodes of the first Where’s Wally? series, which is available on Sky.

Interestingly, a Lancashire voice artist has been chosen to play the part of Wally in the UK version of the show.

The Blackpool Gazette revealed that 19-year-old James Cartmell from Kirkham will be lending his voice to this well-loved character.

James told the newspaper that he was delighted to get the part, and revealed that he grew up reading Where’s Wally? books.

The US version of the show, named Where’s Waldo?, is now set to be dubbed for a UK-English audience. James explained that the whole casting process was top secret and that he had no idea what show he was going for until he got to the audition.

“I watched a few Where’s Waldos and then started playing around with some lines, trying to get the voice right. The producers were very keen on getting my regional accent, and we worked to get the voice sounding happy and excited,” he revealed.

James also told the newspaper that he wore glasses and a Where’s Wally? hat during recording to help him get into character and to break the ice in the studio.

He also said that he was “amazed and incredulous” that he landed the role, but is really pleased that he’ll now be able to put Dreamworks on his CV.

With the rising number of animated productions, voice acting is becoming an increasingly important sector within the entertainment industry. It’s also one that many famous names are happy to get involved with, as evidenced by the cast for the upcoming He-Man series for Netflix.

Joblo recently reported that the cast for the new Masters of the Universe: Revelation series has been unveiled and it’s certainly an impressive list of names. Mark Hamill, best known for his role as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars movies, will provide the voice for Skeletor.

Two former Game of Thrones actors are also on the cast list: Lena Headey and Liam Cunningham. Sarah Michelle Gellar, who starred in Buffy The Vampire Slayer as well as numerous movies, will play Teela, while Lena Headey will be voicing Evil-Lyn.

The voice of He-Man/Prince Adam will be delivered by Chris Wood, of Legacies fame. The inclusion of Alan Oppenheimer, the original voice of Skeletor, in the cast is likely to please fans of the original series. This time around he’ll be playing Moss Man.

It’s often the voice actors who make an animated production of any kind of success. If you need help finding the right talent, get in touch with our voice over agency in London today.