Voiceover ‘Allows You To Use Your Imagination’

There are many reasons why you might be drawn to working in voiceover, or indeed why you might feel a voiceover is a good way to bring a new creative spark to your advertising or marketing materials.

In a recent interview with Backstage, Nancy Cartwright, the US voiceover artist who is best known for being the voice of Bart Simpson, as well as numerous other characters in the long-running animated series, explained why voiceover can be such a good creative outlet.

She also said that, as a result of the pandemic, voiceover artists are among the only professionals who are able to work at the moment in the acting world.

Ms Cartwright went on to stress the importance of having imagination when it comes to voice acting.

“You can see people giving voices to their pets, to their fish, to their dogs, to their cats! You can get creative. Something that’s inanimate, you could make it animate,” she stated.

For those who are working in voice acting, or who want to get into the field, she strongly recommended trying this at home.

“If you just start doing it at home and have fun with it, you can’t really make any mistakes. You have the opportunity to create something that is uniquely your voice,” she asserted.

But this kind of idea could also work for a business that wants to take a new direction with its advertising or content creation. This could be a great and fun way to breathe new life into your brand or products and, because voiceover work can be done from home, you could put a video or audio clip together even with the current restrictions as a result of social distancing.

“With a computer and with a good microphone and with an imagination, you could create anything,” Ms Cartwright asserted.

There are many ways to make the most of voice talent at the moment, with audiobooks one example that many people have been turning to during lockdown.

Back in April, we revealed that many actors and actresses had been lending their voices to famous characters and stories in the early stages of the pandemic to give people an interesting new way to connect with their favourite books.

Both Audible and Apple released free audiobooks during the height of lockdown to provide an alternative form of entertainment and help people stay at home rather than breaking the strictest of the rules.

Stephen Fry read the Roald Dahl classic The Enormous Crocodile, Rachel McAdams read Anne of Green Gables, and Sheridan Smith read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

In addition to being a great way for adults to get through more books, audiobooks can also be a great option for children who might not quite be able to read the stories on their own.

If you’re an aspiring voiceover artist, reading passages from your favourite books could be a great way to practice your skills and experiment with different accents and character voices, all of which could stand you in good stead when you start looking for work.

If you’re looking for help with voice over in Manchester for a project for your business, contact us today to find out how we can match you with the right talent.