One World – Many Voices

“Your voice can change the world.” – Barack Obama

Happy World Voice Day from all of us at The Voiceover Gallery! Since its inception in 1999, this Day has grown from a national event in Brazil to a world-wide annual celebration. World Voice Day aims to raise awareness of voice rehabilitation and the prevention of voice issues, as well as celebrating the beauty of the human voice in its many forms. This year, the celebrations have got us thinking: how important is voice?

Many of us come into contact with voices every single day. And not just one or two! Between chatting with colleagues, family and friends, listening to the radio, podcasts or audiobooks, watching TV or social media content, we hear hundreds – if not thousands -of voices each and every day.

The numerous lockdowns and restrictions imposed on us as a result of Covid-19 have meant that more of us than ever have been tuning in to podcasts, streaming content from services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, and have been using video conferencing to carry out our work: each content type broadening the pool of voices we hear on a daily basis.

But what about life beyond the pandemic? There are plenty of examples of voices that form part of the fabric of public life which we may not even realise we’re interacting with: voiceovers! The pre-recorded train station announcements that help us get to the right platform and the Sat-Navs that help us make an important appointment on time (You have arrived at your destination!) The automated customer service recordings that help us sort out that troublesome problem and the electronic lift voices that might just save us an unwanted trip to the other end of the building (Lift going up!) Each voice helps us along our way, alerting us and reassuring us as we go about our day.

If you ever wondered who decides on these voices, you’re looking right at them! Here at The Voiceover Gallery we’re experts in cherry-picking voice talent to fit any brief. Voices are incredibly unique instruments, meaning that they can have any number of qualities: strong or soft, husky or clear, youthful or decorous. They can warn or inspire confidence and everything in-between! For us, recognising voice talent when we hear it and understanding the skill set and range of every voice is all in a day’s work at our studios.

This year’s theme for World Voice Day –  ‘One World – Many Voices’ – focuses on diversity of voice. To us, this means more than simply developing a network of voice talent capable of doing any accent in any given style. Our services even cover the very language our voices use. We’re proud to provide translation and localisation services into and out of any modern language, collaborating with studios and voices across the globe to meet our clients’ every needs.

We couldn’t do what we do without the cooperation of our fabulous voices who work with us day after day to bring our clients’ projects to life. So what better opportunity than World Voice Day to celebrate all the TVG voices for their outstanding ongoing work. Thank you!

The Voiceover Gallery understands the importance of voice and its ability to maximise the potential of any product or service. We work on a vast range of projects including radio ads, e-education, dubbing animation, staff training, computer games, promotional videos and many more. So, if you’re still searching, let us find your voice!

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