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Anna and friends for Nickelodeon

A bit about this project

We cast the UK voice artists and recorded the ADR dubbing and mix for series 1 of Anna and Friends. The show centres around a girl named Anna and her friends, each episode following a different adventure and follows themes of friendship, adventure and imagination.

We found a diverse mix of voices that worked well together on the screen, that interacted with high energy to match the US version but also ones that made sense for a UK audience with regional accents featured heavily here. Along with finding the right talent, our engineers played a big part in creating this energy, by creating a real bond with the children to get the best performances possible from them. 

A lot of project management was involved in being able to schedule and deliver the episodes to the client, particularly as we were working with children. We created a clear, defined workflow to make the project run smoothly and hit the tight deadlines required.

Client – Nickelodeon

Services provided — Voiceover casting, Voiceover recording, ADR dubbing, Editing, Project Management

Studio — Studio A

Technician — Joe Lewis, Catrin Lewis

Voiceover Artist: Multiple Child Voice Actors

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