Jessica Carroll

Voice Range:
20’s, 30’s, 40’s,
Native Language:
American, Australian/New Zealand, English neutral, English regional, Irish

Voice Description

Jessica is a versatile vocal chameleon with a natural, warm, bright, educated RP accent. She records frequently in American, Australian, Irish and as a LAMDA actress she’ll take on anything you throw at her from characters to corporate commercials.


Jessica’s rich, sultry RP voice can be heard on commercials for Vaseline and Palmers Cocoa Butter.  She was the voice of Glitter Bingo and Saints and Slimmers with her upbeat London accent, her Geordie accent is on the Protein World idents on Channel 4 and she is the Irish voice for the Photobox commercials.

Jessica has voiced hundreds of weird and wonderful characters for Videogames and cartoons from dying old men to adventurous small children and has recorded for corporate clients such as EE,

Microsoft, the UN, Panasonic, Google and National Geographic. She is very skilled at sight-reading

and has a great deal of experience with medical and legal jargon for e-learning modules both in UK and USA.

Jessica is a regular on the ADR circuit and can be heard screaming and crying on tv shows such as Game of Thrones (HBO), Call the Midwife (BBC), Beowulf (ITV) Humans (Channel 4) and in the new James Bond film Spectre.