At the Voiceover Gallery we now offer a full subtitle service covering all language variations including SDH. We often find that subtitling is something that producers don’t take advantage of when producing video, games or animation. Its a really cost effective way to repurpose your content for overseas offices, international markets or the deaf and hard of hearing community (SDH), which is a market not always considered by todays brands. We can apply subtitles to all types of video content and we only use industry professionals who fully understand the guidelines regarding on-screen read times and characters per line, so we are confident our product is broadcast standard across the globe. In addition to this, our subtitlers are all native speakers of the language they are translating into, which means the subtitles are accurate and none of the meaning is lost in translation.

subtitling workflow

If you require subtitles in a particular language, you don’t need to provide a transcription or translation, as this is all part of the process, although if this has already been done in advance then it helps speed the process up and makes the job much easier for us.

Subtitles can be provided as a subtitle file in the most appropriate format for their implementation or we can burn them into the media for you and deliver back your final content ready for circulation.

In order to do all this to the highest quality, we ask for detailed information up front so that we can create the best fit for your project. Please ask us to email you our subtitling questionnaire, so that you can collate all the information and be made aware of what is needed.